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End Game LS of Bismarck
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 Bassline app

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PostSubject: Bassline app   Bassline app Icon_minitimeSat Jul 05, 2008 12:05 am

Character Name: Bassline
Race: Taru
Sub Jobs: WAR WHM RNG (Lving RNG to 75 as i got some very very nice gear for it)
Merits: 5/5 Int 1/8 ele 8/8 enf 3/5 Thunder pot 4/4 enmity+ 4/4 crit+
Craft Levels: 100+3 Smithing

Main Job: BLM

Sky Access: Yes
Sea Access : Yes
Dynamis Xarc : No need 1 or 2 more cities
ToAU Mission: Imperial schemes
City & Rank: Rank 10 Sandy

Previous Linkshells
Tracker Syndicate
Reason for leaving your current LS
1 Event a week is not enough for me

Previous Endgame experience
Sky and Sea mainly with 3 kings but not done them in ages.

Notable Equipment/Gear sets for your jobs
Byakko haidate, Zenith mits, Full HQ staffs.

Playing Times
4pm - 1am GMT

Reason for choosing SpartanS
EU Ls one of a kind

What your goals are while you are with SpartanS
Get af2 RDM hat, Get novio Earring. Help as many people and have a good laugh

Personal Background
Programmer. Work for a company to hack systems to then make patches for them. Love my motobikes. Have fun over random shit. Also i am very good at first person shooters.

Name of Member who referred you (if applicable)
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PostSubject: Re: Bassline app   Bassline app Icon_minitimeFri Jul 18, 2008 9:44 pm

Failed trial as didnt attend events.
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Bassline app
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